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In all seriousness though, there are a few ways you could improve this piece.

The texture you used for the tree would be fine if it was for the bark only, but you used it for the leaves also. I haven't used ArtRage so I don't know of the variety of other textures, but you could've used a different texture for the leaves.

The grass patches you have on the top part of the ground is a bit out of place, because it doesn't have any distance depth, so it looks like the patches are massive. You could imply distance by adding a lighter tint of green on the top part of the ground.

I can't tell if in the background you've added volcanoes or if they're mountains. If you went for the volcanoes you could've added depth if the craters had a darker tint of brown at the bottom and a lighter tint at the top. But it wouldn't matter if the background was insignificant and not the main focus of the piece.

I hope this helped somewhat, I'm actually trying to get better at drawing myself, I don't take any art classes, I mainly just practice different methods by myself, or watch the odd tutorial on youtube.

But anyway, this isn't me saying that I'm better than you, because I'm definitely not. This is just an undiscovered artist to another giving tips. Hell, if you like you can critique my stuff as well, so I can take a look at another person's point of view. There is not right or wrong answer, it's just your opinion.

Take care :)

Andrei-T-B responds:

Thank you for the tips.
In the backround there are mountains.
I will check out your art too ;)

Bloody hate pelliper and wingul, love this piece though, very funny and cute! And I've been playing alot of alpha sapphire recently so I was surprised to see you post this XD

Butzbo responds:

Thanks Batty!
Yeah from what I remember the Wingull family appears maybe tooo much in the game, but I like their unique designs.

Awww yeee, my boi is back! Cool new avatar :)

MegaCQC responds:

Thank you :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))][[d]f[w]few}}}}}))))))))

Holy Anti-Christ! (hehehehehe) pretty scary man, I only just noticed that there's more than one upside down crucifix. Hope to see more from you :3

exzez responds:

There will be a lot of stuff coming in the future. Thanks for your comment. =)

Aww, this is lovely.

AnasAbdin responds:

thanks :)

Woah! Nice version of spidey, keep it up!

JulienGerards responds:

thanks ^^ glad you like it

It's like I ripped you off or something hahaha. . I didn't pls don't sew me :,(

MegaCQC responds:

I - P R O M I S E - N O T H I N G ! >:)))))))))

I haven't seen any other water paint art on this website, this looks very well done, it's like the cover of a children's book.

Izabela-IsaYuki responds:

Thank you :) Meant to be like a children's book.

Absolutely gorgeous! Awesome colours and shadings, and the dragon's hair has super sayan 3 vibes all over it.

FsebastiamL responds:

Thank you!, Akira Toriyama influence a lot in my style

Characters look cute, and the colour pallet is neat. Good job, artist!

SenpaiLove responds:

Thank you kindly

Welcome to my profile! I like to draw on ms paint sometimes.

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